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(A ch only) with Double 3/8" shaft &
6 pin connector

brand, Made in USA


  • Qube 2.25" series RS is designed for application in industrial environments such as Measuring, Cut-to- Length, Size for Textile, Metal, Lumber and Rubber Industries.
  • Tracking, Storage and Retrieval, Pick and Place, Conveying and Elevating for Material Handling applications.
  • Environmentally IP54/NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Up to 1200 P/R

Pulse per Revolution Up to 1200 P/R
Output Format Single Ended (A ch.)
Dual Square Wave in Quadrature
(A & B ch.)
Dual Square Wave in Quadrature
with Index (A, B, Z ch.)
Supply Voltage(V) & Output Circuit
Pull-up Resistor TTL current sinking
(Max. 50mA)
Open Collector 7273 (Max. 50mA)
Diff. Line Driver 7272 (Max. 100mA)
Push-Pull Resistor 7272 (Max. 50mA)
Frequency Response 100kHz
Duty Ratio 50±25%
Phase Shift 25±12.5%
Index Signal Width 100±50%

  • Pull Up Resistor (Currnet Sinking) Pull Up Resistor (Currnet Sinking) An NPN transistor with a pull-up resistor and capable of sinking 50ma of current per output. This type of encoder output is used with a PLC or other control device that sources current. Current flows out of the PLC to the encoder, which uses the NPN transistor to represent binary logic by optionally switching the current source to ground.
  • 7273 Open Collector (NPN) For applications requiring an uncommitted output. The output voltage level can be pulled up with an external resistor to a maximum of 30vdc. Maximum sink current is 50ma. per output.
  • Differential Line Driver (7272) An 7272 differential line driver that generates complimentary outputs: A / -A, B / -B, and Z / -Z as needed. The encoder must be operated at 5-26 vdc, input and output.
  • Push-Pull (7272) This general purpose output functions as a PNP transistor for applications requiring a current sourcing output. It functions as an NPN transistor with 3.3K pull-up for applications requiring a current sinking output. This output is TTL compatible when used with a 5vdc supply. Maximum source / sink current is 50 ma. per output.

Shaft Diameter 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2"
Shaft Type Sgl. ended, Dbl. ended
Shaft Loading 1/4”, 3/8” Axial: 15 lbs. Radial: 25 lbs.
Shaft Loading 1/2” Axial: 35 lbs. Radial: 45 lbs.
Rated Speed 6000 RPM
Materials Aluminum Case (Anodized)
Shaft: 303 Stainless
Weight 13 oz.

Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 70°C
Storage: -10 ~ 85°C
Operation Humidity 35-85% without condensation
Vibration Max 10g (58 to 500 Hz)
Shock 50g (11 ms duration)
Enclosure IP-54/NEMA 12