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Starting at $330.00 – 8 bits, $340.00 – 9 bits
$390.00 – 10 bits
Binary, Gray code & Analog outputs


brand, Made in USA


  • Size 12 dia, 1/4" Shaft Single-turn
  • 256 (8 bits), 512 (9 bits),1024 (10 bits) Resolution
  • Natural Binary, Parallel 5v outputs
    Analog 0-10v outputs, 12-30v input
  • Std. 3 ft. cable w/2x6 header conn. (Parallel outputs)
  • 3 pos. terminal block for Analog outputs

Pulse per Revolution 256 (8-bits), 512 (9bits), 1024(10-bits)
Supply Voltage 5vdc (Binary, Gray, 12-30vdc (Analog)
Current 25ma Max. (No Load)
Operating Temp. 0° to 70°C
Interrogation Rate 1 KHZ
Accuracy Plus Minus 2/3 bit digital, 1 bit analog
Rotation CW-increase as viewed from the shaft end.
Digital Output Logic Level Logic "0": Low voltage, 0.6 Max
Logic "1": High voltage, Supply 0.7v Min.
Data Ready Outputs Normally high, goes low momentarily 7 sec. while the outputs are changing. Stays
low to indicate error.
Analog Output Levels Zero code error: 20mv, Full-scale error:
125mv. Relative accuracy: plus minus 20mv
Output Circuits Totem-pole 5ma. max source and 6ma.
max sink current
Analog 0-10 vdc Potentiometer is hooked up to 10v & Grd. The output looks like a sawtooth wave where the output voltage increases from 0 to 10v for each complete rev. and then immediately drops to 0v as a new rev. is started.

Mechanical & Environmental
Max. Speed 5,000 rpm
Bearings Shielded ball bearings
Shaft loading 10 lbs. Axial, 10 lbs. Radial
Weight 2 oz
Materials Case: Anadized Aluminum
Shaft: 303 Stainless Steel
Humidity 35-85% w/o condensation
Vibration Max 10g (58 to 500Hz)
Shock 50g (11ms duration)
Enclosure IP-54/NEMA 12