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MS connector w/ L.D. US $725.00 List Price

brand, Made in USA.


  • Size 31 Housing, NEMA4/IP66 Heavy-duty Enclosure.
  • Std. Electrically, Thermally Insulated & Isolated Hub.
  • Std. Equipped with 56C Cover & Tether Mtg. Bracket.
  • Hub I.D. 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", Thru-hub deisgn.
  • Up to 1024 ppr and Unbreakable Code Disk.
  • Electrical Protection Std.: Voltage Transients, Reverse Voltage, Output Short Circuit Proof.
  • Super Linedriver 5-26v, Push-Pull 5-26v TTL outputs.
    Linedriver or TTL (RS422 compatible) Complimentary-6ch.
    input 8-30v, output 5v
    Industrial Encoder IH950 Interchangeable.
  • Military Std. 7 pin, 10 pin, Conn. NEMA4/IP66
  • D-sub 9 pin, 10ft. Cable w/Straight Plug. NEMA12/IP50

Supply Voltage 5-26 Vdc
Current 50mA Max. No Load
100mA Max. (Line Driver)
Pulse Rate 0-40 kHz
Pulses per Revolution up to 1024
Output Circuit Single-ended, TTL Outputs
• 7272 Push-Pull
50 mA max source or sink (Std.)
• 7273 open collector
50 mA max, 30VDC max (option)
Differential Line Driver
• 7272Super Linedriver / 100 mA Max,
5-26VDC Max (Std.)
• RSS422 TTL-6ch. or Linedriver
50 mA max, input 8-30v ourput 5v
Output Wave Square wave outputs A, B are 50/50 duty cycle nominal. Output Z index is approximately the width of one cycle on outputs A or B.
• Pulse symmetry: 180 ±30%
• Pulse interval jitter: 30% max
• Quadrature: 90° ±30% max
• Phase jitter: 30% max

Shaft Bore/Tolerance 5/8", 3/4", 7/8",1" Hub I.D. / 0.001" T.I.R. Max
Shaft Speed Base 1800 rpm, *Max 3600 rpm
Bearings # 6807 35mm, abec 1, Double Shielded,
AV2 grease (Shell Alvania #2)
Bearing Life at 1800 rpm
at 3600 rpm
25,000 hrs
12,000 hrs
Bearing Temp. 5/8" Hub
1" Hub

Derating 5°C/1000 rpm over *1800 rpm
Derating 10°C/1000 rpm over *1800 rpm

Shaft Loading Radial: 40 lbs. Runout: 0.005" T.I.R. Max on Mating Shaft.
Axial: 30 lbs. Endplay: 0.05" T.I.R. Max on Mating Shaft
Materials Body: Anodized Aluminum with anodized protective finish
Hub: Aluminum with anodized protective finish, Option-Stainless Steel, Seals- Teflon, N.B.R.
Weight 16 oz.
*Over 1800-Max-3600 rpm speed reduces the bearing life by its heating and brown

Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 70°C
Storage: -10 ~ 85°C
Humidity 98% RH without condensation
Vibration 20 G's at 5 tp 2000Hz
Shock 50 G's at 11 ms duration
Enclosure NEMA4/IP66: MS 7-pin, 10pin Conn.
NEMA 12/IP50; D-sub 9 pin, 10 ft Cable w/straight Plug
Sealing Shaft Gaskets-Teflon, NBR, Viton, Neoprene.
Sleeve-Delrin™ (DuPont® plastic), Washer-Teflon
Isolation Encoder to be electrically isolated from motor by using
insulating shaft sleeve and insulating washers on Flexible
Tether Mtg. Bracket