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Nicely equipped MS
Connector Model (Left)
US $420.00
(up to 1024ppr)

  • 2.0" O.D., heavy duty designed
  • 3/8" shaft, shaft seal option (Detachable and Repairable)
  • 250 KHz frequency response
  • Detachable Square and Servo flanges configuration
  • Super Linedriver OL7272 Compatible 5-30 Vdc available




Pulse per Revolution Up to 2500 ppr
Supply Voltage 5Vdc line driver, 5V~30Vdc TTL & Super line driver
Output Format Dual Square Wave in Quadrature with Index
Output Option TTL Output      Line Driver
Current Requirements TTL: 40mA Max. No Load
Line Driver: 60mA Max. No Load
Frequency Response 250 KHz
Duty Ratio 50±25%
Phase Shift 25±12.5%
Index Signal Width 100±50%
Output Level (H) ≥2.5V (L) ≤0.5V
Rise and Fall Time ≤1μs (When cable length is 1m)
Insulation Resistance ≥50MΩ

Shaft Diameter .3747"/.3744"
Shaft Loading Axial: 40 lbs. Max.
Radial: 35 lbs. Max.
Shaft Seal Std. (Detachable, Repairable)
Starting Torque 2.8 oz.-in at 77°F (25°C)
Shaft Angular Acceleration 1000 rad/sec2
Moment of Inertia 2.0x103Kg • m2
Mech. Perm. Speed 6000 RPM Max.
Weight 1 lb.

Temperature Operating: -10 ~ +70°C
Storage: -25 ~ +85°C
Operating Humidity 35 ~ 85% without condensation
Vibration Durable for one hour along 3 axes at 10 to
55 Hz 0.75mm amplitude
Shock Metal Slit
  Glass Slit
981 m/s2 (11ms 3-times, each X, Y, Z)
490 m/s2 (11ms 3-times, each X, Y, Z)
Withstand Voltage 500VAC
Construction NEMA12/IP-50 (Cable),
NEMA4/IP-65 (MS connector)

 Division Accuracy
Symmetry (A, B) X1+X2=0.5T±0.25T      X2+X3=0.5T±0.25T
Phase shift Xn=0.25T±0.125T (n=1, 2, 3, 4)
Signal width of Z ch. TM=1T±0.5T
T=360° /N
N: Pulse per revolution

 Division Accuracy of Signal
Pitch Error ±0.01T
Adjacent Pitch Error ±0.02T