30-Day Money-Back:
30-day money-back(except Freight) returns 30-day return authorizations must be obtained using your online account customers. We offer a 30-day money-back(except Freight) period from the date of purchase on all products. Products must be returned in the original boxes in like-new condition. Effective only 30 days right after your purchase date.

World Encoders products are warrantied to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of one(1) year from the date of shipment. Warranty repairs / Return Material Authorization will not be accepted after one(1) year. Also after one(1) year, we will not accept any repairs. Do not send us any out of warranty items. World Encoders has the right to refuse and dispose your out of warranty items without notice.

All returns must have an Return Authorization number (which is hereinafter referred to as “RMA number”) issued for any product to be returned to World Encoders. Our customer service team will issue an RMA number via phone, fax or e-mail. World Encoders has the right to refuse any shipment at the customer’s expense if the product does not have the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the shipping carton.

Returned products must be shipped in protected containers and properly packaged to prevent any physical damage. Any transportation damage will be the responsibility of the sender. Products returned for repair must be in the same mechanical configuration as when shipped from the factory. They must be free of any customer installed mounting hardware.

Failure Analysis (FA) Fee:
If the Failure Analysis (which is hereinafter referred to as “FA) conducted by World Encoders determines the customer is at fault for the non-functional unit or determines product is non-repairable, the customer will incur a $50 charge for each encoder.  If the customer would like the unit to be shipped back as-is without repair, World Encoders will do so and the FA charges will apply. Freight will be at customer expense. World Encoders will notify customer of the results of the FA. If no response is received within 5 business days the item will automatically be scrapped, and FA charges will be invoiced to the customer.

Status of RMA:
Should you require an update on the status of your returned product, please contact customer service via e-mail at sales@worldencoders.com or call 800-903-9093.

Purchase order is required for all repairs:
If the unit is concluded by World Encoders to be within warranty, charges may not apply – See below. If the unit is non-warranty the customer will be notified of the amount of the FA/repair charges.  For any charges incurred on a FA or repair unit, World Encoders will require payment to be made prior to shipping for customers who do not have credit terms with World Encoders.

• Shipping – Customer shall prepay shipping charges for products returned to World Encoders for warranty service and shall pay for return of products to customer (by Ground Transportation) and all shipping charges, duties and taxes for products returned by World Encoders from international country.

• N.T.F (No Trouble Found) – If any product returned is determined No Trouble Found (which is hereinafter referred to as “NTF”) by World Encoders, the customer may be assessed the returned freight and service charge on the product.  Warranty units will be charged as identified under “Failure Analysis (FA) Fee”.

•Returns (without failure)
A 35% restocking fee of List Pricing plus Credit Card finance charge 10% and outbound freight will apply for STANDARD products returned for any other reason than failure. Customer must contact World Encoders customer service to obtain an RMA number prior to returning the product.  Product retuned must be in original condition (free of any modifications done by customer).  And it must be a new unused unit, cable(not terminated or no-solder), original new box(no-dirty) such as Re-sell conditions. Non-standard products will not be accepted for any credit. 

FA charges will be incurred if NTF and no repair is needed. NTF situations can be non productive. World Encoders encourages customers to trouble shoot machine malfunctions with their technician or with World Encoders Technical Support before filing an RMA to return the product. Our experience has found that many times this will restore machine–down situations faster than waiting for a no-trouble-found (NTF) product to cycle through FA/repairs.