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World Encoders, Inc.
297 SW 41st Street
Renton, WA 98057
Toll Free: 1-800-903-9093 Outside USA: 1(425)292-2516

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During June 6th-Thu to June 14th-Fri will be closed due to our inventory control works. Unfortunately, during that week will not be able to ship our products. We will re-start shipping on June 17-Mon. Please order in advance with your cooperation.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Since Oct.1, 2022, Koyo has been changed the Brand to . Now, JTEKT Electronics Corp.

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World Encoders
Dynapar BEI EPC
Size 15-Shaft (Std.) $345.00 TRDA-2E $606.00 E14 $718.00 L15 $234.00 15S
Size 20-Shaft (Std.) $420.00 TRDA-20N $583.00 H23 $493.00 H20 $458.00 702
Size 25-Shaft (Std.) $450.00 TRDA-25N $811.00 HA625 $734.00 H25 $458.00 725N
Qube 2.25" $410.00 RS $431.00 21/22 $ N/A none $280.00 711
Size 20-Hollow (Std.) $485.00 HS20 $570.00 HS20 $621.00 HS25 $422.00 260
Size 35 Hollow
NEMA4  IP66 w/Cover
$725.00 HS31
w/Metal Body
$642.00 HS35
$809.00 HS35 w/MetalBody $520.00 25T
w/Plastic Body
Lead-Time In Stock 2-6 Wks ARO 2-8 Wks ARO 1-6 Wks ARO
Shipping Charges Free Shipping Add Freight/Expedited Fee Add Freight/Expedited Fee Add Freight/Expedited Fee
Sales Tax (Online) Tax Excempt Add Sales Tax Add Sales Tax Add Sales Tax